Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy saturday !

Yesterday was the last day of the winter sale season ! Chuy and I had decided to go downtown and see what was left. It was very cold : 4 °C (40°F) My mom took care of her grand children so we could go shopping wihout any complaining kids ( " what? anooooooooother store? Oh nooooooooooo !" They are much better with a TV as a baby sitter, I mean with their grand'ma, right? ) First, we went to pick up a book Emma won in a contest (few contestants = more chances of winning ) and in that bookstore, we found some candles for Steb next month birthday ( 50 % off of course !!!)

I'm participating in a seasonal exchange. I chose Halloween/ fall colors and my partner chose spring. We have to send 3 speciality flosses, 3 ribbons, 3 charms, 3 free charts, 3 recipes and 3 little gifts about the season. I found my ribbon and 2 little springly gifts I now have to find the free charts and the 3 recipes (for a bad cook like me, this is a real challenge ... ) Then I'll send my package. The due date is march 15 th so I won't be late !!! The store I went also sells cross stitch stuffs but nothing was really worth spending some money (understand: nothing was on sale ) We also went to my LNS. I thought let's give it a try and see what is left on sale. TO my surprise, she was having a 40% on some charts so I checked the bin and found 3 charts I can show you only one because the 2 others are intended for gifts !!! I bought a Lili Point chart:

I can hear you from far: it is fuuuuuuuuul of green !!! I know ... but it comes with buttons and it's hard to avoid green on christmas time , right?

At the LNS, I picked up the 2008 DMC catalog :

I fell in love with two somebunny to love kits They are sooooo cute !

I also got nice stash in the mail:

It's a Lanarte kit by Maria Von Sharrenburg: grand mother's time. The colors are a little dull and I'm planning on changing some colors to make the whole closet look more joyful I also got another Lanarte. You know I love Lanarte but their prices are really high so I try to buy used charts from kits. About a week ago, I managed to buy an used chart on ebay of one of my favorite design !!!

I love the colors

I also got my World of cross stitching magazine: no exciting patterns for me but next month seems more appealing : a somebunny to love pattern and some others nice ones !!! Next month should be my last issue: I won't subscribe again as few patterns call my attention. In some issues, I don't see myself stitching anything at all ... It's not worth the price ...

When we came back from our shopping trip, we found Pierre laying down on my mom's couch: he was running a small fever, had chills and a migraine ... This morning he threw up 5 times (he counted them) and he's now feeling a little better !!! (he's wathching Sherk the third )

Thank you all for your good advices on my wall paper's problem I did try Mr Clean magic eraser but his magic didn't work on my wall paper. I didn't find Debi's eraser at the book store (they also sell school supplies) I'll see if I have more luck at a craft store that sell stuffs for painters . I'm afraid my little cutie ruined the whole thing ...

Those who wants a signature like mine at the bottom of their messages can find the link here !

Jeez, I almost forgot to show my progress You remembered I abandoned a little bit the x-mas tree Then I got a comment from Tammy who got her whip out to make me pick up that tree again ( Thanks Tammy you really made me laugh ) So I had no choice (right? What if she decide to cross the ocean to use her whip? ). I did made some progress on the little boy's basket (yes, still no one over one )

And because it's your lucky day, I can even show a picture of my snow family stitched on thrusday:

Well, maybe you don't feel so lucky if you managed to read all this post Am I writing longer and longer post lately? Perhaps, tomorrow, I'll show you some one over one ... if you're lucky !!!


Marita said...

Hope it was a good busy Saturday, not a bad one.

Love the signature, is that new?

And 1 month 5 days until Esteban turns 3! Our babies really are growing up.

Unknown said...

I hope your son is feeling better. My son also had this sickness last week.
Both your WIP look awesome. I think you have inspired me to stitch my next project on linen. So plz get some one over one stitching done today. I'd really like to see what the boy looks like. Maybe I'll get Tammy to get her whip back out?lol
Also, if anyone you know is want the snow family chart to stitch I have it for trade.

debijeanm said...

For a mommy with small children at home you sure get a lot done! You inspire and amaze.

Dani - tkdchick said...

4C is t-shirt weatehr for some of us! That isn't cold at all! Right now its -15c!

Marie said...

l'ancien Lanarte est plus joli sur ton blog que sur l'annonce :-)) tu as bien fait de l'acheter !

comment va Pierre aujourd'hui ?

Anonymous said...

One over one stitching drives me crazy, but I got to do it sometimes because I just love the results.

Here is a most delicious 'springtime' recipe you can use. I have had this cake and it is delicious!

sugardoll said...

I love lanarte's too. But boy, do they break the bank! =D I am glad some of the ones that i really like are printed by Leisure Arts, so they came in as charts only and so much more affordable!

I love your progress on Oh Christmas tree. Have you seen someone's finish where they placed the celtic christmas lady together with the kids?


Carmen said...

i hope Pierre is better,mi daughter have fever the weather...

i love you snow family, i like the colors :D

mainely stitching said...

Your stitching progress is incredible! How do you get so much done??? And you've been VERY busy with stashing, too! LOL!!!

Faith Ann said...

LOL... I'm with Dani (tkdchick)... I'd thing we were having a winter thaw if we warmed up to plus 4. Yesterday, it was -18 Celsius here with a windchill nearing -29. Nice and brisk ;)

I love those snowmen!!

Faith Ann said...

that should be "think" not thing lol.

Veronica said...

That sure is a long post but I don't mind for I love reading what you wrote and looking at your pics :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chiloe,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for posting nice comment. I just came from a trip, now trying to keep up and read comments and blogs.

Your wip are coming along nicely. And great shopping spree, I like the Lilipoints.

Thanks again. Have a great day.

Sally said...

Your WIP are coming along beautifully Chiloe.

Hope Pierre is feeling better.

Andie said...

LOL Hope Pierre is feeling lots better now! *hugs* Love your stash haul :D Snow Family is looking great! Love the colours :) In answer to your question about Isabellas Garden.... she is part of my stitching for the competition on the L&L BB LOL

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your stitching is lovely. Congrats on making it to the finalists in the Silkweaver contest. I love both of the Lanarte charts you picked up. I'll be back ;)