Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wing and stash !

Here is the wing completed:

I did all the back stitch and let me tell you this back stitch is not easy. The designer is probably tired of regular back stitch so she decided they should not be above the stitch or under the stich but right in the middle I guess it is supposed to be more fun I haven't stitched anything on the head yet as I still need to look for the Mirabilia head's colors. So that means that tonigh I am stitchless and this CAN'T beeeeeeee With the night starting at 4.15 pm, there is not a lot of things I can do ... Homeworks are first here

But anyway, I still need to find my next project ... Well, you know I'm not without stash ... (see my gallery ...) but I think it's my problem: I have way too many choice ! And I want to stitch something that won't bored me after a few days !!! So I need to open my boxes full of stash and dig to see what wonder could catch my eyes

A few days ago, I bought some used charts from Catherine , an amazing lady who was introduced to cross stitch by her husband and now all the family stitch: she has 6 kids!!! Check her web site I bought 2 Vervaco charts:

They are supposed to be for Emma of course I also bought a december magazine today. I almost never buy magazines: only when I see my secret lover:Santa

I also bought 3 kitchen cloths to stitch and I paid only 35 cents: I had a 7 euros gift certificate !!!


Tammy said...

That fairy is gorgeous and coming along beautifully.

mainely stitching said...

That wing is so utterly life-like!!

Carmen said...

i likw the fairy wings.

the vervaco are beautiful.

Carla said...

El ala te ha quedado muero por ver la cara del hada!
6 hijos tiene tiempo de bordar!!!
El Santa se ve muy simpatico... me parece que esta bailanco mientras lee su lista :)

Marita said...

Fairy wing looks great. I think it was worth the horrible backstitch.

Sally said...

What a beautiful fairy wing:)

Dawn T. said...

The wings look wonderful. I can't wait to see more:)

Meari said...

What a difference the backstitching makes! It looks really good, Chiloe. :)

Enjoy your new stash. Have you figured out what you're going to stitch next?

Thanks for the comment about my brothers, etc. I needed that "pick me up". :)

Anonymous said...

elle est trop belle ta tite fée !!!!!!! bravoooooooo