Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday !!!

I got a nice afternoon! I went shopping with a friend. I didn't buy anything but it was nice to get out of the house. Today was day 4 of my advent calendar. I got 2 nice ribbons (red and green) I don't know what I'll do with those but I'll think about it. This is also what it's nice in those exchanges: you never know what you'll get and you sometime get unexpected gifts. I like that idea.

I worked on my fairy last night. I didn't stitch the face like planned so I just kept working on the big wings. I need to take a mirabilia chart to see what colors will be good for the face and the feet. I could also stitch the face with 1 over 1. Each time, I see a finished piece with this technique, I love the result.

June, you asked me to email you but I don't find your blog anymore !!!


sugardoll said...

Is this your Nimue pattern? You have alot done and it looks beautiful.

I will be staying in the PI for about 3 weeks.

Well I had to cancel my FOTM's because the plane tickets costs alot, plus i need to make sure i have enough shopping money LOL. It's time to cancel anyway, I have 2 full boxes of nothing but hand-dyed fabrics, although I am planning to continue with EF and SMF when i get back. I haven't given SW a thought yet if I will resubscribe, I have been FOTM'ing with them for 3 years, so I have more of their fabrics compared to the others. =)

Loving your fairy progress.

Marita said...

Great progress on your fairy. Your needle must be flying along.

Marie said...

très belle ta fée ! j'ai pu admirer le visage de lady of the mist en 1/1 sur le forum, c'est magnifique, on ne voit même pas les croix !

Sally said...

Your fairy is coming along beautifully:(

The ribbon is very pretty.

Carla said...

El hada se esta viendo muy bonita! Creo que la cara 1 sobre 1 va a quedar fantastica!