Thursday, January 25, 2007

icy day...

Yesterday we got some snow. Usually it never snows here so you can imagine how the roads get stuck very fast. This morning I didn't go to work until the ice on the roads melted. I am not crazy !!! I arrived at school at 12.30 . Anyway, all the students were not at school. But the ones who were there had a lot of fun !!! They even wanted to do snow bowls battles with the icy snow (even though it was forbidden... kids are kids)

I am currently working on Winnie and Lumpy by Royal Paris. I changed, like always the fabric. I hate aida fabric who is just for beginners or people with eyes problems. I hardly imagine that people can actually love that fabric. But I am sure there is some around here. I chose one of my favorite fabric: 32 count white lugana by zweigart. It SO nice to stitch on that fabric. I wish I can know how to put pictures on my blog!!! (I still new in the blog world. I used to read stitching blog.) You can see some of my project on my album page: I should be able to have my pictures here ... I need to figure out how all of that works... HELP !!!

At lunchtime, my son Pierre lost a tooth. It was a molar tooth. He was eating a steak when he suddendly left the table to go to the bathroom. He was in panic: he saw blood coming out of his mouth and got very scared... He hate seeing blood. I made him rinse his mouth and a tooth came out of his mouth !!! But it was not the one on the lower jaw that fell out (that's the one that was moving) , it was one on the upper jaw... And tonight at dinner time, the one on the lower jaw came out as well . Seems like the tooth fairy is going to visit us tonight ;)

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