Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow days !!!

Steb started the new year with Chicken Pox. At first, I couldn't believe it but yes, it did have the little blisters on his body. He got them mainly on his stomach and back and only three on his face (and some in his hair). He got lucky as a little boy in his classroom got them all over his body ( it was so bad that the mom ended up in the ER with the little boy) Below, you can see Pierre and Emma counting all the blisters on new year day.

You may remember our snow days before Christmas. We thought it was over but nope, snow was still ready for us. It started last wednesday. On thursday, it was so bad that the kids had to stay home ( Chuy as well). We took advantage of this free time to go to our local wood to take some pictures. It was beautiful. We even saw a woman skiing in the wood. Click to enlarge the pictures.

We went there with a neighbor (she's Pierre's age and they all get along very well) They all had a lot of fun ( and didn't miss school at all !!! LOL )

Pierre pretending to be lost in the snow:

That day, we all fell down or slid (yes, even me but I was the one holding the camera !!! )

At home, the kids enjoyed snow fights !!!

But one kid didn't enjoy it all the time ... Oops !

Check Steb's boots ( burried in 6 inches of snow)

One little birdie got very happy I set a free restaurant for them ( click to enlarge if you want a good look at the bird).

Last night, it snowed again but it was starting to melt by 10 am this morning. Snow is very unsual here because we live 10 mn away from the sea. We'll see if it was the last snow of the winter ...

Okay, I admit it: I quit ... The Lanarte wreath is beautiful but the constant change of colors drove me crazy and I felt I was going nowhere. I guess HAED stitchers know that feeling? That's why I don't stitch HAED charts.

So, I decided to start a new project. I dug into my stash to see which kit/pattern will call my name and we got a winner: Summer fruits by Lanarte, from a painting by Marjolein Bastin. (and no, the green didn't scare me at all !!! ) It's funny because I bought that one at Michael's in Fort Worth, TX and I had started to sew all around. I guess I had planned to stitch it right after buying it and forgot all about it ...

And this is what I stitched so far: a butterfly and a pear (I'm working on an apple right now.) I always thought it was a big project but actually it's only 15"X9 1/2. I can handle that, right? And you know what is great? I enjoy stitching again !!! Yeah !!!

And thanks again for the sweet compliments about my Christmas cat finish !!! You are very sweet !!!


Blu said...

Looks like you had fun in the snow!

There's no point in stitching something that isn't fun. I mean, there's so many patterns just waiting, why slough on one you don't like?

Summer Fruits will be beautiful. When I saw it I thought "That is a lot of green!" Marjolein's pictures are so beautiful.

Annie Bee said...

Beautiful snow pictures. I am so envious seeing all these gorgeous snow pics as it never snows here in Aust. I like what you have done so far on Summer Fruits.

Mylene said...

Great snow pictures!

Another beautiful design of Marjolien Bastin and you have made a good start with it.

Annette said...

What a lovely photo's of the kids, They are having a lot of fun!!!
Ow what a lovely piece you are starting, love to see the progress

Mel said...

Great snow pics. Looked like fun!

I have to rotate my HAED's amoungst at last one other 'regular' cross stitch pattern so I don't go crazy. Maybe that would help you?

cosiendoestrellas said...

Que fotos más bonitas en la nieve! Por aquí también nevó la noche del domingo al lunes, así que el lunes nos lo tomamos libre de cole y de trabajo! Has hecho bien cambiando de brodado, si no te diviertescon lo que haces, no merece la pena seguir. Y a verdad es que este parace muy bonito! ya veré tus avances.
Un beso,

Sharon said...

What fun snow pictures! I'm glad you're following your heart with your stitching - I have to keep telling myself - "I stitch for fun, I stitch to relax"!! - this is supposed to be a HOBBY - not a stressor! Life is too short to not be sprinkled with lots of fun!! :) (The older I get, the more I realize this!)

Pumpkin said...

Oh no! Luckily he did not have them too bad then. I remember having them when I was a kid but my friend had them worse than I did :o(

Great pictures of the kids in the snow. You really did get quite a bit then for not usually getting any.

I can't blame you for giving up if it wasn't making you happy. This new project is lovely and you've made a beautiful start :o)

Carolyn NC said...

Glad you are stitching something you really want to now! Love all the lovely pics of the snow and your family!

Anonymous said...

Belle couche de neige, tout le monde a l'air d'en avoir bien profité.

Les messanges sur la mangeoir me font penser à celel que tu as brodé.

Tammy said...

Great new start-you are brave! And wonderful snow/fun pics!!

Suzanne said...

Poor Steb, what a way to start the year! Great snow photos, it looks like you all had a lot of fun.

I love your new start, I have that Marjolein Bastin design in my stash as well.

mainely stitching said...

I hope Steb's feeling better!

Love the snow pictures. And congratulations on all the wonderful stitching you've been doing.

Things here are going well - just don't have my own computer yet, which makes it really hard to get online.

Big hugs and best wishes!

Brigitte said...

It seems you all had a great day in the snow.
You found a great replacement for the wreath. Sorry to hear that you stopped stitching it. I will start the same project this year. I hope I'll like it better, lol.

Anonymous said...

Snow looks like so much fun :) I almost wish it would snow here in winter.

I like your new stitching project also.

tkdquintmom said...

We don't have nearly as much snow as you do! Well, at my house anyway...I can actually see grass in the front yard! You start another project? no.....

Meari said...

Those are great snow pics :)

Poor Steb with the pox. :( He didn't look too bothered by them, though.