Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas tree !!!!!!!!!!

We went to get our tree at the market on saturday. But it was sooo cold (in the low thirties ) that we didn't stay very long ... We wanted to get a tree with some roots but there were few choices ( like 3 or 4 to choose). We did manage to find one that we liked and we left quickly. Chuy did not spank any old ladies with the tree like he did last year !!! Good job honey !!!

Steb was so excited to see the tree! He has been asking every day for more than a week now. Chuy planted the tree in a pot with some soil and then it was time to free the tree. Steb helped his dad and


Ready to decorate by three excited kids !!!

Et voilà:

Light off please!

Chuy worked on his nativity like he does every year. I'm hoping to get a better picture tomorrow. He always do a great job (takes lots of room though !!! )

if you don't find a tree, don't hesitate to take one of your kids: some garlands and you are set for Christmas !!!

Let's talk about stitching now. You may wonder what I'm stitching next, right?

Well, first, I finished the left over stitching on my Pansy!!! I am now left with the beading that as the chicken that I am, I have left to the end ...

And now, my new piece:
I chose that one but as soon as I started it, I was not so sure anymore ... I felt exactly the same after I chose the squirrel ... But there is no turning back: I'll stick with that one now ... But it is a bery beautiful wreath so I hope I'll ne happy at the end !!!

Here is my first progress.
Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I still need to order a Cd for Chuy on Amazon: is it too late to order for Christmas??? Hope not ...


Laural said...

Pretty Pretty tree and nativity!! I love your new start. I seem to be on a bird kick for some reason lately.

Wendy said...

great tree, great nativity, and great - great Christmas kid !!
I supose he did not want to lay down in the crib ? lol

nativity really seems to be a man-thing, my says every year ; we need more sheep ! lol

Pumpkin said...

Your tree is so cute! It's weird to see it planted in a pot. LOL!

Wow! That is some nativity scene!

Pansy is looking gorgeous. I love your new project :o) How come you have reservations about it?

Annie Bee said...

Your tree is so pretty and I love your decorations. Pansy is just gorgeous and have fun with the beading. I love the soft colours of the wreath and look forward to seeing your progress.

Yvonne said...

Lovely tree :0) We just bought ours yesterday, leaving out in the cold for 6 days before putting it up this weekend.

I am so pleased that Pansy will be completed. Love your current wip! You completed a lot this year!

Virpi said...

Your pansy fairy looks pretty and I love your new start. Where on earth do you find these gorgeous designs? Your christmas tree looks really pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is so beautiful I really love it.

Chuy's nativity looks amazing, what a lot of work he must go to putting together such a detailed nativity. I'm really impressed.

mainely stitching said...

What a sweet tree - and Chuy's nativity scene is amazing. Love your new start, too. :D

I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping (because we thought we'd be moving that week) so don't feel like you're the last one! LOL!

Annette said...

What a lovely tree you have, and so nice decorated..
What looks Pansy lovely.
Your new start is great, love to see the progress.
Enjoy your christmas tree and your new start....

Dawn said...

Oh my! That's beautiful tree. LOL @ your son & he'll be perfect tree if you add the lights. You did beatuiful job on your projects. I can't wait to see the progress on it. ~ Dawn ~

Akila said...

Very pretty tree and nativity.
Wow, you have already started your next project!!! Congrats on that. I really am amazed at the speed with which you work

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely little tree and so pretty all done up.
Love your human tree - he sure is sparkly.
Your new start looks great!

Nancy M said...

Your tree looks oh so lovely! And the nativity is unusual!! Don't be afraid of beading, it's the same as cross stitching, you just have to corral the buggers! Lovely new piece too!

Suzanne said...

Lovely tree and what an amazing job Chuy has done of the nativity scene.

Pansy is looking beautiful. The beading will really make a differnce to her. Don't be too afraid, it's easy once you get into the rythem.

I love your new piece to start!

DUSTY said...

Nice tree and your nativity set up is gorgeous. i can see why your little one was tempted. Your NC Pansy looks wonderful. You have made a great start on your wreath. hope your Holidays are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

OOOh belle idée que ce avant-après!!!et alors ton tit bout décoré! le top!!!!:oDDDD


Meari said...

hahah... little Steb! Too cute.