Friday, October 2, 2009

Have you heard about the Janlynn contest?

Janlynn is having a Dolly mamas contest! (all underlined red words are clickable.) I'm sure you have already seen those ladies with funny sayings like: all I want for Christmas is a nap, who are these kids and why are they calling me mom? or Bite me !!! All you have to do is to buy a Dolly kit at the Janlynn's site and add a dollyism to the design. What does it mean? You get to write your OWN statement !!! I'm sure you have lots of ideas for those. I know the cross stitching world is full of creative ladies and let's be honest about it: our life is full of funny, edgy moments that makes us think things like: Holy crap, now I have to wrap ( always happens to me at christmas time because for an unknown reason I am the official wrapper in the family ... still wonder who gave this tittle ) or it's official, I've become my mother (the scariest of all !!! )

I don't know if you have been to the Janlynn's site lately but they added a Heart of the stitchers (HOTS) where you can buy all you need to complete a cross stitch project or just the charts if you have all you need (it's called : get it my way !!! I love that !). You can add the fabric and what is great is that they sell the Zweigart fabrics which are for me the best fabrics on the market. I just wish they could also add some luganas ( 28 or 32 ct) for the lugana lovers like me !!!

So let's the fun begin !!!!! Go to
Janlynn's to get started !!! I can't wait to see all the funny sayings stitchers will create !!! And you know a great thing about it? You can win up to $1000 !!!!!!!!!!


Carmen said...

"it's official, I've become my mother"..oh my..this phrase is really scary!!.

Pumpkin said...

ROFL! This should be a good one. Thanks for posting the link and info Chiloe :o)

Tammy said...

Thx for the info! Your Mirabilia stitching is gorgeous!

Laural said...

Last post that I missed:

Great work! You're almost there! I hate being stalled by supplies :(

I wash and don't wash. Depends. I really just give it some swishes in water and use clear liquid soap and a wash cloth to spot clean where needed. Then I roll is a soft squishy towel and press.

This contest sounds really cool!

karen said...

Hola Chiloe ,

A mi honestamente no me gustan estas muñequitas de janlynn , pero suena bien el premio !!!

Que lindo te esta quedando tu bordado aaa , y escribe pronto como antes porfa !! Lol ) es muy entretenido tu blog !!!

Marita said...

Interesting contest. Not sure I can think up any sayings myself but I do so love reading them.