Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still not finished !!!

Still working hard on my squirrel. I am focussing on the bottom ans still avoiding the 1/2. To answer Dany's question, I don't like stitching on one over two because it doesn't feel the same and the coverage is close to none ( we can see the fabric through and I don't like that.) I also love the sound of the thread going through the fabric and with one thread, I don't get that ... Anyway, as you can see, I'm almost done with the 2/2 so I won't have any more choice ... 1 over 2 or UFO's bin !!!

Of course, my little assistant insisted on being on the picture (he was really missing his brother and sister to ask to be ON the picture )

During the past week, some stash made its way to my mailbox !!!!

First, two Mango's books. I bought those because I am planning on stitching some designs for Emma's bedroom.

And then, I got my JJ's collectibles order that crossed the ocean in only four days. Someone must have thought I needed my stash right away !!! I'm planning on stitching those two pixies for Emma's bedroom. Yes, she does love fairies I ordered those during their 4 th of july sale but the two charts weren't on the site. They told me they will send me the Paypal bill once they will have the order ready to leave. Oh my! Who would have thought the embellishment pack for Pansy will be sooooooooooo expensive Next time, I'll try to find information on the price before placing the order ... Anyway, I'm very happy with JJ's collectibles. By the way, will you believe, I forgot to order one thread for Sweet Pea? : the Caron collection waterwilies 210 ... grrrrrrrrr I didn't see myself placing an order for only one thread so one stitcher who was making an order for herself told me she could order it for me but I chose the cheapest option: the wildflowers. They are not silk but I can't afford this expensive thread right now. I'm not even sure the design uses a lot of this thread ... Do you think someone will notice the difference?

My babies came back from their vacations yesterday and Steb was thrilled to have his sibblings back !!! ( we were too !!! ) I lent them my old camera and here are some of their pictures: Well not much: they went to a zoo so they took thousand of animals pictures and the camera got stuck on the close up setting so most of them were blurred:

Emma and her cousin Aurane:

Emma reading a magazine about Miley Cyrus. Yes, she's a Hannah Montana fan but I'm not going to stitch her Miley Cyrus in cross stitch


Laural said...

Almost there!!
I can't wait to see your new fairies!
The 210 is used very little in that project.

Marita said...

So close to another happy dance :)

Love the picture of Emma, she looks so relaxed and interested in what she is reading.

mainely stitching said...

Oh, Steb looks so sweet! :D Great to hear from you!

Daffycat said...

Gasp! Don't you dare UFO bin the squirrel!

Love the stash ~ those Mango books look like fun!

Dawn said...

Oh my! You'er doing wonderful progress on it. I love how it turned out. Those are cute charts. Just spurt of moment, Faith (my one of twin daughter) saw the charts & love it. Thanks a lot. LOL I love Nora Corbett but I can't do the details just yet because of my girls. I love the Alpahbet from her. I am hoping to get those in my girls' initals. Your kids are beautiful! ~ Dawn ~

Beatrice said...

I'm dragging my dancing shoes out of the closet and dusting them are so close. I'm ready when you are to DANCE!!!!
The 1 over 2 will show a beautiful shading you'll see!!!!
You go girl!
Your kids are so cute!

Ranae said...

Ahhh you better not UFO that squirell, it looking great, don't stop no. The 1/1 will be well worth it.
Love the new stitchy stash. The fairies are adorable.
Great photo's of the kiddies.
What a great mom you are for letting them take their own pic's , I bet they had fun

debijeanm said...

I remember when you couldn't get Steb to smile for anything. How delightful that he got over that.

Yvonne said...

I am stitching 1 over 2 on my Lanarte Ballerina too. Fabric can be seen through but it gives a very lovely effect.

JJ's collection really has a great and fast service. I bought from them once and it took only 4 days too to reach me in Denmark.

You must teach me how to put beads on a work. I love some of those MD ladies but I am not good with beads :0( They never stay in 1 position!

vero21 said...

very nice ! bravo!


Tammy said...

Your squirrel is really coming along. I don't know how you can leave your least favorite part until the end. I would be dreading it and for certain it would hit the UFO pile.

Love the pics of Steb on your stitching and Emma reading. Adorable!

Faith Ann said...

I *love* your little squirrel... you can't let him become a UFO :)

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

Pumpkin said...

Don't you dare give up on that squirrel!!!! He is too close to being done and what a lovely project he is.

Great stash! I'm longing for Bluebell myself :o)

Love the pictures of the kids and glad to hear they are home safe!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great stash haul there. Personally I'd get the silks as teh wildflowers is more like a pearl cotton texture than a stranded floss or silk. But that's just my opinion.

****Ciottina**** said...

Hi Chiloe!!!! I'm very pleased to read your comment on my blog! wedding was beautiful...but I have much more work to do at home and so I have no time to take care of my blog...I hope in the next days to write something on it...I finished to stitch As seasons change by Dimensions and now I'm stitching summer fairy by Joan elliott...a great kiss! Barbara

Dineke said...

Your squirrel looks great. How funny to read about you not liking one over 2, in the lanarte pieces I do like those, adding a delicate touch to the background mostly.

Cindy F. said...

Love the stash!! and great pics:)
Squirrel is looking fabulous:)

Carolyn NC said...

Love the pics and the stash! Glad your chickies are back and safe and sound!