Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween !

I didn't blog yesterday because I had a busy day! But first, I want to thank you for your nice comments. 21 comments I never had 21 comments before Thanks Be careful: I could get used to it Now get ready for a long post (I didn't post yesterday so I have a lot of things to say. )

So yesterday, we went to the speech therapy. Pierre starting therapy when he was 3 years old. See, Marita, it's really a long haul ... When we lived in texas, we even had him tested for Sensory integration dysfunction and he had a problem with touch and still has a problem with how food feel in his mouth (he can't swallow medecines and has even trouble drinking melted medecines. He's out of medication right now but it's still a problem when he has a migraine (which he gets once in a while since he got the chimio shots in his spinal cord) We didn't find therapy here for SID.

After speech therapy, we went to eat at my mom's house and we headed off to the store at 2 pm to get a costume. (I know I am the kind of person who leave everything at the last moment ) I was not the only one though Anyway, at 3.30 we went to a kids and parents cafe. One of my friend own the cafe. She had organized a small musical event. The singer managed to have the kids and their parents to dance!

Then we went to trick-or-treating in the streets with some friends. The kids had a lot of fun! (I'd like to show you the pictures but bloggers is in a spooky mood after halloween ) In green, it's a mom (but not me )
Emma was a witch. (we had some camera fun )

Remember when I fell in love? (here ) Well, after she sent me the fabric that got lost, she sent it again and I got it yesterday. Well I got very disapointed by the fabric. Of course, I know there is always a difference between what we see on the computer and what we get but I feel there is a huge difference. Where is the coral and the green that I, I can see? I only see blues and browns ... And another disapointment: the fabric was not ironed How can you sell hand dye fabrics and not finishing the job ?

I also stitched on my roses but not yesterday. I started on my yellow flower but Blogger won't let me upload the photos right now. I'll try later .


Barbara said...

It looks like you all had a good Halloween, and Emma makes a beautiful witch. :)

Beatrice said...

Emma is toooo pretty to be a witch!! It's too bad about the fabric that seems to happen a lot when you order on line the colors do look different.
I can see why you fell in love.

Beatrice said...

I forgot to tell you Paradigm Lost is on the snowbirds blog which you can get through my blog.

Marie-ange said...

quelle jolie sorcière !!!!!!

la seconde photo correspond elle à la toile que tu as toi même photographiée ? c'est vrai qu'en y regardant de plus près, il n'y a pas de vert dessus....

sugardoll said...

cute halloween pics, looks so much fun!

I'm sorry to hear you were dissapointed by the fabric, I have ordered from her and had actually had her custom a piece for me and they arrived well. Although they were opalescent, so that what might be different between yours and mine. I know she uses generic fabric (non opals) that you can buy at craft stores like Michaels, and its probably the fabric content in it that made it so it gets wrinkled easily. It still looks like a pretty fabby though.

Marita said...

Emma is a gorgeous witch, she will have everyone under a spell pretty easily with those smiling eyes.

The sensory integration dysfunction link is fascinating. Some many things sound familiar. Yep it is a long haul as I'm just starting to realise - despite everyone telling me that from the beginning. Sometimes it takes a while for information to sink through the mess I call my brain.

Sally said...

Looks like you all had a great time on Halloween! Emma looks great!

Carla said...

tu hija se ve linda como brujita!!!
que pena lo de la tela, la verdad no se parece nada a lo que muestra en la web.