Monday, November 26, 2007


can I buy stationery on line? Do you have any link to share? Thanks !!!!!!!!

Edit: I'm looking for stationary like Hallmark. (fun stitckers, writting pads, adress labels, and so on ...)


Jennifer said...

What kind of stationary are you looking for? There's tons of different sites, but it helps if you narrow it down to child / adult and what kind you're looking for.

Marita said...

I love Smiggles stationery, but it is not really everyday stationery -

I'm one of those sad people that really enjoys a visit to the stationery store. Browsing through papers, sticky tape dispensers, filing systems and shredders is my idea of a good time. Almost as much fun as a visit to the needlework store :grin:

Jennifer said...

Okay, try these sites.

Vista Print (this is their french site):

Personal Creations:

This one does not ship internationally but may ship to an APO address:

Contact for interational shipping: