Tuesday, May 8, 2007

an overall view .

Today it's holiday here so I took advantage and got my camera out to take a large picture of my birdhouse artistry. I managed to take only one and my camera shut down: the batteries are dead. Anyway, I think the picture is good enough and we see all the different parts of that piece. Click on the picture to see it better and bigger. I am now off danger as the flower bouquet won't be touching the bird. Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my day off (and paid) and i may stitch a little bit today. I'd like to finish the flower as I don't enjoy stitching that part a lot (there are a lot of colors change on a small design) .


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me here again =). Your stitching is progressing great and it's adorable!

Carla said...

ay me encanta!!! y lo estas avanzando muy rapido !

Felicity said...

I love this project! The Crown Princess bought me a kit when she was in Finland in Dec 2006. I'm not quite ready to stitch it, but it's top of the pile.