Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I show flowers

I should get at least 35 comments right? As you may recall, the house is brand new so we have the right to "play" with the garden and plant whatever we want. So I planted three roses bushes: two roses and one yellow. I got them for cheap at the supermarket so I was not really sure how they will look once they will bloom. All I wanted was to get a scented bush. And look at this amazing flower: it's huge !!!!
Look at the size next to Emma's hand. It seems everyday it gets bigger and bigger. Today it was the size of my hand. ( I really need to measure it because I never saw roses that big.)
I would have never guessed it could be so huge because at first, it looks that way:
The color is really lovely:
Steb decided that the neighbor's dog named "pal" could become his best friend so he decided to blow bubbles to him. As you can see eveybody is busy doing what they do best
My squirrel is trying to look his best for you ladies !!!
Tomorrow is the first day of sales season but Emma is going to sing in her last music class and Steb has his music show in the afternoon. I also need to not skip Emma's last violin class because for a strange reason I have the feeeling the class is already over ... oops! I also tend to forget that my dentist appointment ison thursday but for that one, I know why: I hate dentist appt


Yvonne said...

Wow! it is really huge! Threw in the whole packet of seeds in my garden and after 2 months, still no sights of flowers.

Is that the same neighbour who refused to threw back the balls to you?

Your squirrel can't look any better. It is really lovely! I love the colours.


Unknown said...

i love that rose and the colour is beautiful has the yellow one bloomed yet? yellow roses are my fave!
squirrel looking great too by the way
love shel xo

Annette said...

Het is post nr. 3
Your flowers looks beautiful.
And the squirrel is getting a beautiful surrounding

Laural said...

Haha! That it took me a minute with the picture. Poor Steb.

Great progress on little squirrel there!

Carmen said...

huge rose!! lovely color.

i dont like the dentis appt too,,,

Mylene said...

Hi, enjoyed catching up with your post. That is sure a big rose and looks lovely.
Your squirrel is progressing well.

tkdquintmom said...

Ok, you not only posted pink flowers but you posted PINK ROSES which are my FAVORITE! Those are beautiful!!!! So is Mr. Squirrel...turning out great!

Carolyn NC said...

Love the roses! Squirrel is too cute, too.

Meari said...

OMG! That's a HUGE rose!! So pretty, too. I'll have to show my roses next week... same color as yours but nowhere near as big.

Squirrely is come right along!

Candi said...

Oh my goodness!! That flower is huge. I have a min rose bush in my garden. They are like the size of a dollar coin. your squirrel is really cute.
Happy stitching

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow! That is a beautiful rose!! Never seen one that big!
Cute pic of Steb blowing bubbles for Pal!!
Great progress on Squirrel!!

barbibouille said...

La rose en bouton est magnifique et une fois ouverte elle est effectivement de belle taille.
Quel est son nom?

Ton écureil a bien avancé, bravo pour ton travail qui avance toujours aussi régulièrement.

Sally said...

WOW that rose is huge and such a pretty colour.

Your squirrel is looking so good.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a gorgeous ROSE! That squirril is looking quite dapper.

Maren said...

Humongous rose! What's it called? I'd love to get some for our house.

Aww, what a handsome squirrel!

Nima said...

pretty flowers and beautiful stitching

Pumpkin said...

Your rose is GORGEOUS! WOW!

That's a cute picture of Steb and dog peeing on the fence. ROFL!