Friday, August 10, 2007

Still doing needlepoint ...

Yep, no change on the Angel kisses. I feel like a child who colors a big coloring page. One kind of blue, then another kind of blue (let's not forget the white I decided to add - there is a LOT of white ... ) Tonight I feel like stitching the flowers around the little girl!

I didn't stitch this afternoon because we left for a family picnic in the countryside, one hour from here. I'll post pictures tomorrow !!! I'm a little bit tired with all the fresh air we breathed !!!


Brisa de Amor said...

como veras paso seguido, porque es la primera vez que veo de a poco como va quedando el bordado...parece un historia por capitulos!!!
queria invitarte a mi blog para apuntarte en mi mapa de amigos, esta al pie de la pagina... espero que aceptes...GRACIAS!

Besos desde Argentina

Flo said...

Comme toi, je déteste le demi-point ! Courage.