Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer is finally here !

My little angel is getting a dress in half cross stitches There are a lot of them so you are going to think that I'm a fast stitcher Have you noticed I stitch most of the backstitches on her neck and her arms? The half cross stitches I added in white don't really stand up . Are they worth it? I want to believe they will make the difference at the end. It's my first time stitching on hand dye fabric so I'm learning by doing all the problems that can show up. You see, I thought: if I take a blue sky color for my fabric, I won't have to stitch the background. That was a great idea but I didn't think the white will look so mat. Another amazing stuff: what I stitched so far on the little girl is the same height of my finished Christmas stories. Tomorrow, I'll try to take a picture of both pieces near each other. You will see: it's hard to believe

Today was the last official day for the sales. I decided to check a craft store I almost never visit because if they have a lot of kits, they are also very expensive ... Too expensive for me. They don't have a lot of charts. I checked the sale bin first and I found 3 Diane Graebner charts. I always like those charts but never got any. Well today was the opportunity So I got waiting and recess. I may stitch them on some small silkweaver fabrics. I paid each chart 4 Euros. Blue

Yesterday I got my new issue of the World of cross
stitching. I like the baby Newton. I could stitch it for a new baby. The charts seemed more interesting when my subscription had stopped but I always love their christmas issue so I hope I won't be diasppointed at that time of the year.


Brisa de Amor said...

Es maravilloso ver como va quedando tu pequeño angel!
su cabello le fue dando personalidad...bello!
Un beso desde Argentina y ya te tengo entre mis link favoritos.

Virpi said...

I like Diane Graebner's charts too! =) Your angel project is progressing great - really pretty!

Carla said...

el angel esta hermoso!! y ya veras que bordar el blanco valdra la pena :)