Wednesday, August 8, 2007

She has a left arm

I did it! Her left arm is now completed !!! I did the backstitches wherever it was possible. I am now going down on her dress. I know myself: if I stitch the little boy's head (like I feel like doing ) I don't think I will have the energy to stitch the whole body ... I'm ready for my half cross stitches and their artistic effects

Little grey cat, I'm not sure I will really enjoy stitching a Mirabilia on that olive oil fabric ... I'm not even sure if someone will enjoy that color ??? And it's a big piece: 57 X 49 cm ( 22" X 19 ") I think to find pleasure in stitching we have to have a mix of the right fabric, the perfect design and a good light !!! And for me, that's not going to happen with an olive oil fabric Maybe if I find a nice blackwork design but I doubt about it. For now, I think it will end up on sale on ebay

I'm already thinking about my next project. I feel like stitching smaller designs. I'd like to use my small sikweaver fabrics (9 X 13) I saw a nice Somebunny to love design in the preview of the World of cross stitching. I'm not done with angel kisses so I have some to time to think about


faziez said...

OOO very nice cross...have a good days..kiss

****Ciottina**** said...

Angel Kisses is very beautiful!...and I'll enjoy Somebunny to love design!