Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Busy day again !

Wednesdays: what else can I say? I can't complain too much because Chuy is working afternoon shift and he let me sleep until 9 am this morning and he went to the speech therapist with Pierre !!! And when we went to pick up Emma at her violin class, he went to talk to her teacher. He knows more about music than me.

We are leaving to Germany in 16 days !!! Do you feel the excitment here? So we called Lorena and I know some packages arrived safely to her:

Amazon: yes ! (and who is happy to know that Desesperate housewives season 3 is waiting for her in Germany? )

Target: yes ! Chuy will have his gifts and could add 2 tee shirts to his collection Yes, my husband love tee shirt )

Old Navy: yes !

Disney store: no ... Mainly my mom order ...

Colorful images: no ... This one is for me

Toys'R us : no ... (she made the order for me with her credit card and I'll pay her at the base.) I hope this one will arrive on time for christmas or it will ruin some little people's christmas

Today is day 5 of our exchange: I got a little green purse. I don't know what to do with that one because you may remember I hate GREEEEEEEEN !!! I think I'm going to give it to Emma ...

I also signed up to a christmas cards exchange !!!! Here is my first card from Austria and it's a small advent calendar:

I haven't started sending cards yet ... Have you?


Carmen said...

yes,,i sen all my cards,,but,sitll dong go to shooping,,my daughter ant polemon stuff,or ponyvillage am litle nervous here...the chocolat advent calendar is a succes in home! my litle girl eat a star!!

germany in 16 days!! wow! i love germany! specially Bielefeld :D

Marie said...

tu devrais me dire ces petits échanges où tu t'inscris.. les petits cadeaux, plus les cartes.. j'aurais bien aimé.. tant pis, trop tard maintenant, mais tu sauras pour la prochaine fois...

mainely stitching said...

All my cards for out of the country have been sent. I'll send the Dutch ones this week.

Unknown said...

Safe travels!

We updated our address list, printed out labels, selected cards, signed cards, and stamped envelopes last night. We mailed everything this afternoon. Still it was a lot less than last year when we were in a card exchange and sent 125 cards for that exchange alone! But that does mean not a lot of stitching. I did stitch some this morning.

Marita said...

Love the advent card.

Jennifer said...

I'd be excited if I was going to Germany too!

Most of my cards are sent out, and we've gotten a few from friends and family. I have about 5 or 6 more that I need to do - I've held off on them because I want to write a little note to go along with them.

Laural said...

Oooh I'd be excited to go to Germany as well! I hope all the presents arrive safely!

Give the purse to Emma and let her decorate it.

I'm too lazy to send Christmas cards. Actually no one in my family sends cards either. Hmmm.. must be genetic.

LOVE the progress on your fairy!!