Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's sunday !!!!

Thanks again for all the nice comments. You always find a way to make me feel appreciated. I did get teary eyes when I read them. I guess I'm too sensitive these days ... You know, it's not so much about not being able to travel, it's more about who I was, who I am now, where am I going ? Being unemployed doesn't help either ... I think I lack social contacts which lead to loneliness and useless feelings. And on top of that is of course Pierre. People will want me to feel confident for the future but it's extremenly difficult as his health is uncertain and his school difficulties make me wonder what could he do in the society ruled by diplomas? In France, if you don't have the right diploma, you can't really work in different fields ... I understand he probably feels my worries but it is not something I can control very easily ...

The weather is acting funny (so it thinks ) We are alternating hail and snow showers ( even though the comes up once in a while - just to tease us I guess ... ) Okay, now, it's snowing - hello my canadian friends ... - with hail and we have a storm Can someone remind me which month we are ?

Yesterday was busy and it was good that way. In the morning, we went to the school "open doors" even though nobody had the key to open the school gate For us, it was fine as we were late So we took Steb to his maybe future classroom and at the beginning, he was very clingy. Then we went to the toys corner and he started to play. After a while, we decided to check on Pierre and Emma in their classroom but he didn't want to come with us. So he stayed there and had fun. Great I took some pictures to share with you

At the end, we went to see the students singing. They have a choir (the kids sing every thrusdays)

Emma and her two best friends before the choir started.

Today Steb is sick He woke at 6.35 this morning and he's now sleeping on the couch. He won't go to the daycare tomorrow: I want to take him to the doctor but I have an appoitment to the unemployment center and Chuy is going for an X ray of his jaw (everything in the morning ...)

I didn't stitch last night but I stitch on friday night :

I am having so much fun stitching my Lanarte: big chart, beautiful colors = happy stitcher


Anonymous said...

Tu as bien avancé, j'aime bien le rendu

Anonymous said...

Bravo tu avance bien !!

Dani - tkdchick said...

No one does XS like Lanarte!

As for what kind of Camera you have to have it dosen't exactly say. But the reason I'm taking the course, and I'm hoping to do all classes and come out witht he certificate is because I have a Digital SLR and I want to use it to its fullest!

Carmen said...

i star a wild and crazy week,i can stitch :(

i like see your advance in the lanarte garden ;) even the green part :D

i hope all in your family is ok .

Marita said...

Your lanarte is looking great.

Love the school pictures. Steb looks like he is going to fit right in.

Aussie Stitcher said...

How much of a coinsidence for you to visit my blog for the first time as I am reading through your archives at the moment. I am up to where you stitched a little girl asleep on Santa's lap while he reads a story to her.

Your stitching is wonderful and I love how you manage to stick to one project at a time. Your children are gorgeous, looking forward to getting to know you better through blogging.