Friday, September 21, 2007


I gave up on the wing yesterday. I wanted to keep stitching the wing and then, I got fed up with it. So I stitched the right dove, near the little girl. I tried to scan it but I have a problemwith the scanner. I tried to scan something at a high setting and since then , my scanner is not working fine... I don't know what to do as I don't know anything about computer ... I wish I knew though If someone can help: I'll be happy to get any advice !!! The scanner is not working great. I think there is a problem with the software: it's running pretty slow ... At least, you can see the dove

Good news on the painting front: they took down the scaffolding ! Freedom is back !!! YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't have my shutters closed all day long. The chili's plants are on the balcony with the tomato plant. They will take less room there than in the kitchen


mainely stitching said...

Sorry that I don't have any suggestions for your scanning problems. I'm glad you finally can open your shutters again - that must feel great!

sugardoll said...

Very nice job on the dove..It's so cute =)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried downloading new drivers for your scanner? Or completely reinstalling it?

What a cute little Dove :o)

Sally said...

The dove is lovely:)

Good to see you've got your phone/ internet sorted. I've been ill this week so this is my first chance to get caught up.