Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trip to the zoo.

The day started early as the zoo is one hour away from home and the day was supposed to be hot. We arrived to the zoo at 10.15 and someone decided to study the zoo map before to go anywhere:

We decided to visit a little bit and take a tour on the little train zoo early (to beat the crowd).

Who wants 3 turtles?

Fun in the train:

Yes they are cute but we came for that:

Emma tried to make new friend:
Steb took a little break with his grandma (aren't they two beautiful beasts?) :

Who is watching who?Then we stopped by the petting zoo:
A goat wanted a piece of Steb
And my mom almost got kissed (or eaten ) We found a new rare specie: the Estebanus sleepinus (who couldn't handle the excitment anymore.)

We almost witnessed some live action porn between two giraffes as papa giraffe was very happy to see mama giraffe if you see what I mean ... but I guess, they remembered there were kids around and waited for some night intimacy to do what they have to do That park is working for the reproduction of the rare and endangered species so they will be very happy to have babies.

The day didn't finish as well as it started as I twisted my ankle really bad at the front of the zoo store (close to the exit). I was really in pain but nothing bad happened and I was able to take another trip in the train and drive all the way home. Chuy thinks that my ankle was not injured because we had walked a lot and the muscle was warm. I took it easy today and I can walk with no pain !!! Yeah !!!!!!

For the ones who don't care at all about our wild zoo adventures, here is my progress(from tuesday night as I didn't stitch yesterday):


Velda said...

You are so lucky, I hear estabanus are VERY VERY rare! Lucky you *giggle* GREAT animal pics, I love them all!

Kendra said...

Live action giraffe porn...LOL! I bet that would have been interesting. :-)

Sounds like a fun trip to the zoo! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

mainely stitching said...

Very cool pictures! Take care of that ankle!

mainely stitching said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fabulous day at the zoo. Hope the ankle holds up.

Andie said...

LOL looks like you had a lovely day! Giraffes are one of my faves :) sorry to hear you hurt yourself, but glad it is coming right so quickly! Stitching is gorgeous as always :D

debijeanm said...

Some of my best childhood memories and best memories with my kids are at zoos. Thank you for bringing them back to me.

And I'm so proud to know you. GREEN in the stitchery! Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, it looks like you had a great day.

Carmen said...

lovely pictures, all look happy!

Lori said...

Rainy day bunny is adorable! great job.
Santa project gas a great start. Ilove the pattern :o)

Laughed out loud at Steb's "first".

TFS all the great pics and your adventures.

Pick up your award on my blog and wear it proudly.

sugardoll said...

I love all the zoo pics, in 2006 was my first zoo visit upon my living in the U.S. We are a giraffe that had a broken neck, I so wanted to take him home LOL sadly he died last year =(

Love the turtles!! and what cute family photo.

LOL @ steb's pee shot.

Marie said...

tes photos sont superbes ! ta mère a t elle apprécié de se faire embrasser par... un bouc ??? enfin, un animal à poil...

Windy said...

What fun at the zoo! Can't believe the giraffes! Glad your ankle is better

Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! What an exciting day! It's been years since I've been to a zoo. The animals are just gorgeous. I have to laugh about your giraffe porn and the new species you found ;o)

You've made great progress with your stitching!

If you want a larger picture of Stargazer to look at, just email me Chiloe and I'll gladly send it to you :o)

Meari said...

Great zoo pics, Chiloe. I LOVE the zoo! :D