Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have a lot of things to say but don't really have time. First, I want to thank you for all your comments on my robin.

Pierre and Emma left this morning to go on vacation with my parents. They went to visit their cousins (my brother's kid). So now, Chuy and I are in charge to look after my parents' home and pets. Their house is very dark: it's always hard for us to stay there (especially for a stitcher !!! )

I keep working at the robin. I wanted to bring it with me this afternoon, but I brought everything except the fabric that stayed in my scanner Fortunately, I had my " on the go" bag so I worked on Vera the mouse instead !!!

I'm not done yet and if I stay on the internet, I won't finish it today either ... I don't thinkI'm going to stitch late tonight as I fell asleep at 2 in the morning three nights in the row ... I don't know why but I'm exhausted ....

I forget to tell you: I already chose my next project


Windy said...

the birdie looks beautiful. Can't wait to the next proj. You are so ambitious.

Daffycat said...

Wow, you have really work a lot on the robin...he is so pretty! Oops...left it at home? I hope you'll show us your progress on Vera soon! And you get a little holiday from being Mom & Dad? That's a treat!

Kendra said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm still on the lookout for the magazine...I haven't found it yet, but I've got a couple more places to check. It may not be on the shelf yet, though...but I'll keep looking and let you know when I find it!

Velda said...

Bonjour mon Amie!

J'aime le oiseau beaucoup!

Unknown said...

Isn't it nice to get a break from the kids!

Your robin looks great. What will the next project be? Do we get a hint?