Thursday, June 12, 2008

Marita's meme !!!!

Foundation -

I wish but my skin is always dry so I don't use any ...


Don't use any either ...

Day Cream -

Yep, when I have time to think about it !!!!

Favourite Make-up Product-

A good guacamole? (with tortilla chips)


Tresor by Lancome (sometimes ... )


Not too short, not too long; otherwise my hands looks like little sausages


A must for every cross stitchers

Feet -

If only my husbands will be willing to give me foot massages ... for free ...

3 Products to bring on a deserted island -

A satellite phone (to order pizzas), matches and my cross stitch bag.

Women I admire for their beauty -

Angelina Jolie because she keeps making babies and having kids (thanks god, she has the money to not become insane and stay cute )

Women with the best sense of style -

Not me

My ultimate dream -

I'd like to eat heathlier, be happier and if I can be thinner, that would be great !!!

How do I define womanhood -

Hard to say ... Being who we are supposed to be and not what society makes us ...

Favourite fashion publication -

I don't read fashion magazines ( see question about sense of style ...)

Now tagging time !!!! I'm going to tag Missy, Dani, Tammy, Andie, Dawn, Carla, Velda (have you done that one yet? ) Pumkin, Veronica, Meari, Angelsan, Krendra and Cathy !!! Let's see what you have to say

Today I got a phone call from the school telling me Emma has been sick with a strong headache and was crying. Of course, I worried right away as a student got sick with meningitis last week ( not the contagious one though) So I took her right away to our family doctor for a check up. Turned out she just got a virus but I feel better knowing the doctor checked her So no school for her tomorrow !!! She is not that happy as she didn't finish her father's day gift ...


Meari said...

Thanks for the tag. I've added the meme to my blog. :)

Daffycat said...

Fun meme.

I hope Emma feels better soon! Meningitis is really scary; I'm glad she just has an everyday virus!

Carla said...

uy si que me lo pusiste dificil...yo casi nunca uso maquillaje y uso lo primero que encuentro jejeje . A ver si lo pienso un poco y el fin de semana lo resuelvo :) . Yo tampoco se como se dice "tagged" en español :P
Espero que Emma se sienta mejor pronto!

Carmen said...

I hope Emma feels better soon, hugs

Windy said...

Hope Emma feels better now. You are brave to go outside without mascara on! I always have underwear, a bra, & mascara no matter where I go. People are so much more beautiful without it though!

Kendra said...

Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you...I'll get this answered sometime this week. :-)