Thursday, June 28, 2007

New pic

I did some green last night and more red. Today, I got my World of cross stitching (issue 127) Well, there is nothing I could stitch from that issue. When I had stopped my subscription, I checked blogs and wanted so much to stitch patterns from those missed issues. But since I got my new subscription, there is maybe only 2 or 3 patterns I really want to stitch ... what a pain ....
Today, the teacher I substitute for surprised the kids with a little snack. And she surprised ME with with a flower plant !!! What a great lady because I only do my job after all ;-) There were something very funny on the flower tag: "for decoration only - do not consume" ! I'm glad it is written in 4 languages : like that, we are sure no french, english , german or dutch people are going to die after eating a flower leaf !!!
Blogger doesn't want to publish my message again: it's the second time ... I don't know why ... ...

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June said...

It's ALWAYS like that with magazine subscriptions - the moment you end it they start publishing things you want to stitch! And of course, the moment you subscribe again they publish nothing you want to stitch... :(

If they print 'do not consume' on plants then you just have to wonder WHY they started putting that on the tag! *lol*