Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's raining again .........

I went back on my old routine of stitching every night and blogging everyday. I know you're going to say like Chuy that you still don't see a leg but it's there , in that sea of reds Which is nice is that I won't go lower the the red you see at the bottom.


Today it's raining: does the weather know we are supposed to be on summer??? We wanted to visit the army base this afternoon : they have an open door kind of event and lots of activities for the kids. (Is this a way of recruiting new clients ??? ) We may stay home (so I could stitch )


By the way, I updated my photo gallery for those who want to see the Birdhouse artistry from lanarte work in progress (or my Winnie and Lumpy ) Here is the link: Just click on each album you wish to see and then click on each picture to see the next one. I even created a new album for my christmas stories. There is now 2 pages (the main page has the Birdhouse and the page 2 has the Christmas stories)


Enjoy your sunday !!!


Anonymous said...

bravo pour tes avancées :)

Carla said...

Buen avance Chiloe, este diseño me parece muy tierno :)
Ojala mejore el tiempo y puedan disfrutar su verano...aca en Peru ya es invierno definitivamente!

Anonymous said...

Okay... - still don't see a leg! ;)

What is up with summer? We've had a LOT of rain this week as well.

Off to have a look at your album!