Sunday, February 11, 2007

More stash (too much temptation :))

I told you yesterday that I went shopping with my mom. I got new stash . Who can resist a good bargain? I got this bag from a fabric store downtown. I got it for 8 euros instead of 32.50 Euros. I also buy a good quality towel. I'll try to stitsh something for my sister in law in Mexico. I'll check what I have in my english and american magazines. I'm sure I can find something nice for her. She deserves it as she take care of my 93 years old father in law. We can say she forgot about her life to dedicate herself to the care of her father. It is rather sad actually...

In that fabric and crafts store I also got the new DMC catalogue for free. They have a lot of new kits. They are more modern than before and they put linen fabric on a lot of kits now. I was specially excited when I saw that Valerie Enginger, my favorite designer, was a member of their creative staff but got very disappointed what she did for them. You see, she create very realistic design for a french cross stitch magazine : De fil en aiguille and for DMC, the designs look "very DMC". I'll try to scan you what she usually create and what we got in the catalogue. San is going to be happy: in the catalogue, you can see the full range of DMC Sarah Kay kits.

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