Thursday, February 1, 2007

A larger view

Here is a larger view of my letters with the left part of the design. I am ready for a more interesting move: Eyeore !!! Let's be honest: backstitching do make the difference in this design!
Today a little boy lost a tooth during class. H was playing with it so I asked him to put it in a tissue and put it on my desk. Then at the end of the class, I cleaned the desk and a little girl lost a tooth too. That's when I realized that the boy's tooth was on my desk and that I had trashed the tissue in the garbage ! Oops ... Fortunately, the garbage was clean. So I told the boy: here is your tooth for the tooth fairy. He answered: " But I know it's the parents who give stuff" I said: "please some don't know, keep quiet" and he said very loud " it is like Santa Claus, it's the parents !" ... Thanks god, most of the kids were going out of the classroom !!!


Emily said...

Hi - I found your blog through San's newsletter. Your WIP looks really great - the colors are very pretty. I lvoe Eeyore and Pooh!

Chiloe said...

Thanks Emily !!! I am glad you liked visiting my blog. I do enjoy stitching the Winnie the Pooh alphabet. I made 75% of it and I hope to finish it soon to stitch something else. Maybe a smaller piece as I tend to be attracted only by large piece.

Unknown said...

Saw your blog through san's letter too. I love your winnie the pooh, I'm a huge fan myself. I even called my little sister Hemphalump as we were growing up until I learned his name was lumpy, LOL now I call her that and she hates it. :o)