Saturday, February 10, 2007

For Heidi


YOu can find the kit here :

And you are lucky: it's on sale. It costs 22.50 Euros when me I pay in a store: 34 Euros. You can order through that store because it is very serious and they send the kits as soon as they get the money. If you want to order with them I can even help you with translation. They do ship in Germany (I checked before to give you the link) The kit is at the bottom of the page. I tried also to search the web for you and that's all I found. Hope it will be helpfull for you.

check this link : I hope it will work better that the first link.

If not, just go to the left in "les broderies" then you get a menu on the top: you choose in "themes " : "personnages de BD then you chosse in collections : "Royal Paris." You should then get to the royal paris page !!!

If not, you also have this store: I never oredered with them.

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