Friday, October 3, 2008

T G I F !!!

I just realize I'm probably stitching a stinky guy but I don't smell anything I had to frog some ... green last night I 'm heading down to the gun : his necessary accessory to defend your innocence

Madame la fée has another new release: a Christmas one. As you know, I love christmas so I will order it one day (no Karen, I haven't already ordered it and the Halloween one either Each of these little jewels cost between 14 and 19 euros so it's a lot of money for a chart that is printed on bad quality paper )

As I told you, on wednesday, I took my grand'ma to the cardiologist because she's going to have an eye surgery ( catarate surgery) on Pierre's birthday. When I dropped her off, she told me I should not cross stitch because I don't do anything with my finished pieces, that it's silly to cross stitch (better do needlepoint because I use double threads with cross stitch ) I told her it relaxes me and she replied, I should do something that could bring me some money ... I often wonder why I am the only one that she critizes ...

She went on talking about Pierre. As you know, Pierre's topic makes me sad, discouraged, worry and so on .... With all he went through I will appreciate she leaves him alone and doesn't talk about something she doesn't really know ... It's always hard for me to talk about his problems. I can write about it but can't really talk about it without tears in my eyes ... I tried to cut her off because she doesn't really understand the whole picture ...

Emma left to go at a pajama party at one of her friend's house. The little girl changed school but she's going to celebrate her birtday with Emma and another of their friends. They have been friends since they are 3 years old.


Cidalia said...

Dear chiloe,
I adore your blog and since i found him, I can´t wait to the end of the day so I can see the update.
Your work it´s terrific and inspire me. Bravo! And it´s very nice to see the evolution of your work stitch by stitch, day by day.
I wish you strengh and faith to deal with your grand´ma and Pierre´s issue.
Wish you the best for you and all your childrens.
I´m a little sad that you not reply my post that I left once before... in french. But maybe it´s your policy of the blog...
Anyway, keep doing the stitching... cause we´ve love it!
"see you" tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs for you Chiloe. It can be so hard when family don't understand, from our hobbies to our children they never make it easy.

I think it is really important for parents to have hobbies that they find relaxing. You need some way to bring pleasure into your day, particularly if it has been stressful. Better that you stitch your woes away than get angry at your children or others.

I'm so sorry about Pierre. No advice to offer just sympathy.

As for your gold digger - is that a gun in his pocket or is he just happy to see me :grin: (sorry couldn't help myself).

Windy said...

UGh! Old people can be so annoying sometimes! I have a Grandma too... One thing to keep it positive though. One day we too will be old and annoying to those younger than us. YEAH!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that Granma is giving you such a hard time about everything. I don't have any advise..just hugs!

Your gold digger is looking great.It's coming along raither quickly.

Tammy said...

Your Gold Digger is quite the fella! Looking great, he is, although maybe a bit dirty.

The Christmas piece is darling.

Sorry to hear your grandma upset about Pierre and about your stitching. If your stitching makes you happy, that is all that matters. Phooey to the rest of them!

mainely stitching said...

It sounds like you should borrow the Stinky Guy's gun the next time you have to take your meddling grandmother someplace. How awful that she will not respect you! It's sad, as there are lots and lots of older people who'd just be delighted to spend time with a wonderful person like you. (And not elderly people, too! LOL!!)

Tammy said...

The miner is looking great. I can't smell him either. :0

Meari said...

Doesn't sound like your visit w/Gma was very enjoyable. I think your stitching is great, don't you dare stop. :)

Pumpkin said...

He's looking great Chiloe!

I'm sorry your grandma isn't more understanding. I have one that has disowned me and the rest of the grand children so not all grandmothers are what we'd like them to be :o(

I love your new layout!!!!