Thursday, October 4, 2007


Maria Luisa awarded ma a Creative blogger award! Thank you Maria Luisa. It's very nice.

Last night, I mainly did the backstitch on the bear. It has less than a Me to you bear. It was relaxing because it is such a small project. (otherwise I hate backstitching ...) Thanks for those who gave me their opinion in the sun (with a special thanks to Karen ) I'm going to make it a little higher. I think they put it so close to the bear because of the way they framed it. I need you again (Karen, are you ready? ) Do you think I should stitch the water under the bear? I don't know what to do because my fabbie is golden yellow. Will it look weird with some light blue?

EDIT: I also thought it could be the shadow but in blue? It doesn't look weird in blue?


****Ciottina**** said...

According to me...water would give more completeness to your beautiful bear!!!

mainely stitching said...

Congratulations on your award. Your bear looks cute, and I don't think he needs any water.

Marita said...

Is it water or a shadow from the sun? When I first looked I thought it was shadow.

Either way I would include it.

He is a very cute little Mexican Bear.

Anonymous said...

I think you should add the water and I think it'll look fine with the colour of your fabric - like a beach with sand and water.

Anonymous said...

il est superbe ton petit mexicain ^^

Sally said...

Whether it be shadow or water I think it would like fine:) The bear is looking brilliant!

Congratulations on your creative blog award!

sugardoll said...

Wow talk about instant gratification!!

Personally, I love the way the sun is in the original design, close to the sombrero. It makes sense that it's so close because it's summer time and he is supposedly at the beach? Just my personal opinion.

I also vote that you stitch the water. =)

Very cute bear he is !!!

Johanna said...

Just found your blog through the link on 1-2-3 - you have been stitching some lovely prohjects, this little fella is just adorable, I love how he looks on the fabric you chose!

Stitcher S said...

What a darling little bear,indeed. I love the colors on it.