Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Plenty of time to stitch !

<Well blogger is not fix yet! We cannot do o lot of things but it still works... I found the way to put the title and I grab the colour code from an old message.

I just heard from Grey's anatomy: "women who do not have ovules anymore do cross stitch ! One writer on this show doesn't like stitching ...

Like I said, I have plenty of time to stitch as I stay at my mom in the afternoon. Actually it is quite boring but I resist the temptation to check internet (and the desire to get more stash )So here is my progress after this afternoon stitching:

I stitched the little girl's hand and I started her teddy bear. The hand looks weird. Maybe the backstitch is not very good? It looks better in picture than in reality. As you can see, I started wandering around: i stitched on the upper left some beige colours (One of Santa's finger). If I still have some thread, I prefer to stitch another part of the design.

>The weather is still bad: rain on and off. This morning I went to two discounted stores. In the first one I bought some notebooks for back to school (august 27 th) and in the second one I found those little japonese characters who move their heads with the solar energy. You can check them at www.flairplc.co.uk . They are called : SUNSHINE BUDDIES. I got them for 75% OFFregular price. I'll have to keep them away from Esteban's hands .They are supposed to be relaxing.

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Anonymous said...

Je ne comprends pas tout ce que tu écris ( moi et l'anglais ça fait 2 :) ) par contre j'admire tes avancées.
Ce Dimensions est superbe !!!