Thursday, April 12, 2007

Slow progress

I stitched a little bit last night. Progress is slow. Chuy, my husband, said we can really well what the design is about. Me, I do see the 2 birds . Could he have an eye problem? lol
I finally bought a solo from silweaver. Of course, when I went there, the solo I wanted was already taken but a miracle happened and 30 minutes later, the solo was in MY cart !!! :) Thanks to the person who changed her/his mind. I think some people put all the solos they may want in their cart then take their time to think really about which one they're going to buy. I bought one to stitch angels for my sister in law in Texas. That way, I won't have to stitch the sky :D I hope the fabric is going to be as good as I think !!! It should be around 8 or 10 days before I get my order ! I'm all excited about it !!! I'm like a child at christmas time :D
That was the good part of it. The bad part was I couldn't pay with my paypal account... I was very stressed out by that , wondering how I was going to pay for my fabrics as I couldn't go back to checkout. I sent a mail to silkweaver who sent me an electronic invoice so I was able to pay with my Visa e-card. So it can happen with Paypal : if they think they are a securtiy issue, they refuse the payment... They say it is very rare but still ... What will happen if I buy something on ebay US and they refuse the payment??? I asked them the question and I'm waiting for the answer ...
Have a great day as sunny as ours ;)


Virpi said...

Hi Chiloe! Was it you who left a comment to my blog? The link didn't work so I guessed it was you. Your blog is familiar to me and I like it a lot. You have stitched so many nice designs and your current project is lovely.

Virpi said...

Sorry wrote my link wrong too. I try to get it right now LOL

Cheryl said...

I love this piece you are stitching! I found your blog through Virpis!

blue said...

extra ! wouaouhhhhh

Zohrah said...

Definitely 2 birds to me. You are progressing really well. :-)

This chart is in my to-do-list...arrrghhh. I need to clone myself.

Have a great weekend.