Monday, January 29, 2007

As slow as a needle.

Here is my letter M. I hate stitching those letters. They take forever. I didn't have time to stitch at lunch time as I was trying to figure out what the teacher wanted me to do with her students. She didn't leave clear notes for me. At least, my co workers seem nice. The only problem again is the parking. It is SO hard to find a parking spot that I have to leave home at 7.30 am to have enough time to look around. I live only four kilometers from the school ...
Esteban, our 22 months old baby boy is still sick. Now he has rashes on his upper body. The daycare center call me seven times on my cellular but I only check at lunch time. My mom went to pick him up et 4.00 pm and took him straight to the doctor. He said it is still a virus. He gave him no medecines and told to keep giving him the fever medecines. Poor babe ... He can't go to the daycare tomorrow. Let's hope he'll feel better soon !!!
Now back to stitching!

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