Thursday, July 24, 2014

A finish !!!!! And long time no see !!! :D

Hello my fellow stitchers ! 

So here I come back with a finish. Well, actually I finished more than one piece since I last wrote on my blog and before that one I also stitched a Dimensions piece but I haven't taken any pictures yet. I stitched this Lanarte 34 300 ( no name as it is an used one ). 

But I'm sure , you want to know what I stitched in 2013 as well, right? I'm sure you are still as curious as you used to be.   So here it is :

Since Facebook entered in my life, I stitched less and started to spend more time on the computer. I am totally aware of this little sin and try to stitch more. 

You may also wonder if the kids have grown a little : well, I think they did, look! :D So what do you think? Not so little anymore?  

Don't hesitate to stop by to say a little hello !!!! 



SnowySticher said...

beautiful finishes and your family is lovely

Barb said...

Welcome back and hope to see more of you. Love your finishes. I know Facebook is addicting, I have the same problem.

Blu said...

Beautiful finishes!

Brigitte said...

Great to see you blogging again. And with such lovely projects that you finished. I'm not on FB so it's the first time that I see them. Great!

Marie said...

Ton Lanarte est superbe ! et oui, lanarte et nous c'est une vieille histoire ! ils sont toujours aussi beaux !
Tes enfants ont bien grandi ! cela leur fait quel âge maintenant ?
Je pense souvent à toi moi aussi, nos échanges me manquent et cela me ferait bien plaisir de te retrouver ! En attendant ce jour, je te souhaite un bel été. Partez vous quelques jours ? Je rejoins mon chéri demain et direction : vacances dès lundi !

Shebafudge said...

Lovely to see you again! Don't leave it so long xx