Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow day !!!!

Winter is here !!! We've been cold for some days now and I was not ready for it but the snow fell anyway !!! The kids were over the moon and ready very early to go outside to play in the snow. I have to admit I love to look at the snow but likemany people I hate driving ON the snow !!! ( No, I don't drive a convertible but the idea would be nice except in winter of course !!! )

Chuy took the kids to the park yesterday to have some snow fun and he brought those pictures to me. I still don't have snow boots and was stuck at home with my stitching ... Poor me !!!

The little hills in the wooded area are wonderful to slide.

Chuy doesn't know anything about camera settings and let it set on the beauty shot so here is my princess in a close up.
Nobody at the park meant free swing for Steb.
Another cute portrait of my baby ( he's going to turn 7 in march but still my sweet baby) .

Because I don't when the roads are covered with snow, a little cutie got to spend the day with his best friend today , aka: ME ! Lucky him !!! He can't resist snow ( he's been asking for snow since december actually ) so when Emma and Pierre were at school ( they went there walking) , he went outside to have more fun before it melt.

Like I had a free sunday afternoon, I made lots of progress in my autumn harvest. Honestly, I can't put it down and may end up neglecting my frontier in Pioneer trail ( I love that game ) I'm the kind of stitchers who is driven by the colors she uses. Also the Lanarte charts are so easy to read , it's a pleasure to grab my working copy and and stitch , stich the day away ...



Unknown said...

I bet they had fun playing in the snow!!!!

Annette said...

The snow is so pretty!!
We are enjoying it too!!

You made a big progress!!!
Have fin =)))

barbara said...

What fun snow pictures!! :D And great shots of the kids - my gosh, they're all getting so grown up!!

Anonymous said...

tu vas rire, pas de neigeici, juste de la glace.
Profiter bien

Mylene said...

Great pics of your kids, looks like they are having fun in the snow.
Good progress on the Lanarte piece.

Meari said...

We have no snow here! Which is a-ok with me. :-D