Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi there

I've been a bad bad blogger lately ( ok, it's been months !!! ) I guess I had lost my mojo or lost myself somewhere in the World Wide Web ( aka Facebook ... ) I had up and downs. We also got a sad summer as we learned that one of our friend's ex killed their son one morning. She had her only child when she was 42 yo, he was like a miracle baby and the guy killed his son just to get back at her because he was mad she left him four years ago ...

On stitching news, I did finish friendship grows:

I decided to not stitch the saying and I can say it's one of my favorite piece so far. It's nice when you finally stitch a design that you've always loved.

Then I decided to dig in my Lanarte ( what else ) stash and stitch whatever would attract me ( no matter the size of the design - yes, sometimes I'm crazy like that !!! LOL ) So you wonder
what it is , don't you ? So without further ado:

Flower bouquet

Now, you understand why I call it my insane project !!! I've started it on march 15 th and I'm still working on it : of course, as it is 20"X30" ( or 50X60 cm). Here is one of the lastest picture but I'm a little more advance than that. ( I haven't uploaded all my pictures yet. )

I can't wait to finish to start something a little smaller but I can honestly say that I am not suffering too much stitching that one. I did suffer much more for my Fuchsias. And you saw all that green ( ), well, don't fall off your chair BUT this time it didn't bother me too much !!!! I know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!!


Virpi said...

I'm glad to hear from you again. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's loss =( Your stitching looks great. I love that Lanarte design and the watering can looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

contente de lire de tes nouvelels meme si certaines sont très tristes.
Tu brodes toujours aussi magnifiquement. Bisous

Srinity said...

I am sorry for your friend. :(

Your stitching looks amazing as usual. Not too bothered with all that green? :)

Sally said...

It's wonderful to see you posting Chiloe:) I have missed you blogging.

Your stitching is beautiful as always.

I am so sorry for your friend's loss.

Tracy J said...

I am so glad to see you posting again! I love watching the progress on your beautiful Lanarte pieces and these two are gorgeous!

If you want to pass on the watercan that you completed, I would love to have that one, wink.


Blu said...

It's good to hear from you again!

I'm so sorry for your friend.

Lovely stitching on both your Lanartes. That second one looks almost finished! And it's just spectacular!

Andie said...

Hiya :D Its great to see you back :D I am so sorry to hear of your friends loss *hugs* to you both. Your finish is beautiful!!

Unknown said...

I miss reading your blog!!!! I always read your blog when I get up!!!! It seems so intersting!!!! That seems so awful what happen to your friend son!!!! What a mean thing to do!!!! I hope you don't leave your blog that much and blog more often!!! :) Your friend Lizette

Meari said...

Wow, welcome back!

That's really sad about your friend's child. What a wacked out crack pot. I hope he rots in prison. Here in the U.S. childkillers don' survive prison...

Your stitching looks gorgeous as usual!

Veronica said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's son. I still find it hard to believe what people can do to each other.

Love your finish and your new start. Both are gorgeous! All that green and you're not bothered?! Now, that's something! LOL!

Do take care!


Dawn said...

So nice to read your blog. I love it. Your projects are beautiful. I can't even do what you do. :P LOL I would love to try someday. Those 'friends' are so nice to leave you comments after long missing from blogging. I miss my 'friends'. I posted one few weeks ago & didn't get comment. You're so lucky! Welcome back! I love small projects & working on couple but right now I'm struggling to find shop that sell chart/charms from Hinzeit because Hinzeit is not cooperating with shops. :( HUGS, Dawn

Cross Stitch Queen said...

I read about your friends loss. Beyond words, can't even wrap my mind around thst. My prayers are with her.

Glad to see you blogging again. Your projects turn out so beautifully.

Thank you for your support. Good luck on the giveaway.


Carmen said...

the watercan look great, and the insane project too.

Carolyn NC said...

I understand the time frame away - me, too. So sorry to hear about your friend's horrible situation.
Love the stitching!

Annette said...

How great to hear of you again!!Wow you had a hard time... hope everything is going better!!

Your stitching pieces are so beautifull... you always make such beautifull piece.. I hope you keep your stitching mojo ;)

Marie said...

coucou !
super contente de te lire ! tes posts sur ton blog me manquent ! tes news me manquent ! comment vont les enfants ? et toi ? toujours dans les xxxx... et toujours magnifiques ! tes deux ouvrages ressemblent à des peintures !
mais quelle triste nouvelle au début de ton article !
je t'embrasse ainsi que ton petit monde... à très vite.

Nitza Jones-Sepulveda said...

Welcome back!! Don't feel bad I haven't posted anything on my cross stitching page in months, mainly because I haven't stitched anything in months. The projects you've done/are doing are beautiful as always. And I'm sorry to hear about that child...why do children always have to be the victims in relationship squabbles? I hope he goes to jail for a very very very long time.
I'd like to pick your brain for a moment. For the first time, I'm attempting to create a stitch not from a kit. I basically have an idea of what I want to do and I'm making it my own. My question is, how do you know what materials to get (like what size aida cloth, etc)? Also, do you know of anyone or any place where I can get a cross stitch pattern of Sponge Bob? I want to do a stitch for my best friend's son's room and his loves Sponge Bob. I've googled it with very little luck.

Thanks in advance for your help and as always keep stitching.

Felicity said...

Lovely work! Keep blogging. It's so much better than Facebook.

Marie said...

Très jolis ouvrages.

Marie said...

Je te souhaite une très belle année 2012.... une excellente santé pour vous tous et la réalisation de tous tes projets.
bisous !