Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You thought I didn't want to blog anymore?

No I didn't give up on blogging. Time flies and there are not enough hours in a day to do all I would like to do. One reason of my silence and my lack of blogging mojo is my sister in law Maria. If you are a regular reader, you may remember her: she had lost her strenght in her legs and nobody couldn't really tell what was happening to her ( or so we thought). Actually, her health kept deteriorating slowly and during the summer, she was also loosing the strenght in her arms. Then one day, we got the phone call that we feraed. Maria needed to be hospitalized. So she went to live with her sister in Guadalalajara and she was able to see our children with the webcam. Internet is really great for families like us who have relatives in different countries of the world. Suddendly, Maria's health got worse and sadly on august 30 th, she passed away. That was a very sad time for our family and especially for Chuy as Maria took care of him when their mom passed away. She was a beautiful lady with a strong character. She dedicated her life to her father and she only outlived him for some months. We are missing her a lot, especially on sundays when we used to call her on the phone. I'm glad Emma was able to play the violin for her especially spring by Chopin. We learned after her death that she had a form of MS but that the doctors didn't want to tell the family because they were nothing they could do to save her and that she had only one year to live. That got me very angry because we would have done everything we could for Chuy to see her again. I don't know what those doctors were thinking ...

You also may wonder if I'm still a stitcher or just a stash buyer but I'm happy to let you know that I still stitch and actually, I did finish two pieces. I got bored with my Lanarte and started a smaller one: Pink poppy flower by Lanarte. I thought it was a small one but I almost got bored with all that pink !!! I didn't stitch the green ( I know your're not surprised !!! )

And this is what it could look like with a ( virtual) frame:

Then I got in a Christmas mood and decided to stitch a Somebunny to love design called : room for one more by DMC. I stitched it on an opalescent lugana: Poltergeist by Silkweaver. It was a cute stitch and I really like it.

I didn't feel like going back to my other Lanarte so I started another one and I decided to start Nestingbox with pink flowers. I've always loved that cute Marjolein Design. I'm not going to stitch the little birdies under the main design because I feel it draws all the attention from the center of the piece.

This is my progress:

We celebrated Halloween on sunday. I didn't feel like doing anything but the kids insisted on having a little party so we invited some of their friends, decorated the house and here are the pictures:

I tried to carve a witch but as you can see, I didn't manage to really follow the template I found on the internet.

Emma was a cute witch.

Our neighbor decided to wear a mask to get in the Halloween spirit.

It's the last day of the kids fall vacations and tomorrow is back to school !!!

I hope I won't wait that long again to show you my latest progress but you can always follow me on Facebook like some of you do if you want to. Thanks for being here and still be my stitching friends.

Happy stitching !!!


Hazel said...

Hia. Funnily enough I was thinking of you today! I am so sorry to hear about your sil. I have recently found out a friend of mine has MS but the regressive kind - not the progressive. Your stitching looks amazing. Love all your new ones. You haven't been forgotten sweetie.x

Anonymous said...

Oui effectivement je me posais des questions, j'avais peur que ec soit les enfants qui soient malades... Je suis bien triste pour vous, les km n'ont pas permis à la famille de se réunir et c'est bien triste.

Ps je vois que tu as bien brodé et que c'est superbe

Jenn said...

Glad to see your back blogging again. I'm sorry to hear about your SIL. Your finishes and WIP's look great.

Annette said...

My condolences for your SIL, what terrible doctors, that they did that to you.
I wsh you and the whole family many strenght..

What a loevly finishes you have made... great job, love the some bunny to love.
You new lanarte is also a very cute design.

What a lovely pictures of halloween.

Many strenght to you and the family for next period, and have fun stitching

Anonymous said...

You have been busy stitching. The flower looks lovely.

I do agree the new project will look better without the birds underneath, they are very distracting.

I'm sorry about your SIL :( That is a double blow knowing if the doctors had shared info you could have done something to get Chuy there for a visit.

The kids look too scary in their Halloween costumes :)

Jules said...

Your finishes and WIP are beautiful!

I am so sorry to learn of your loss. Just know she is in a better place, free of pain.

The kids look like they had a fun time on Halloween!!!

Lizy said...

Hola Chiloe,
Que bueno que estes de regreso!!! Ya te extrañaba porque era lo primero que hacia en la mañana leer tu blog!!! Pues mi mas sentido pesame a ti y a tu famalia. que bonitos bordados has hechos durante estos tiempos que no has estado en tu blog!!! Y la fiesta de Halloween se bien divertida!!! saludos

Stitching@HLR said...

Pour une fois, je commente en français. Contente de te revoir ici, même si on ne se perd pas de vue ;o) FB a aussi ses avantages... Si tu as besoin, ou simplement l'envie... suis pas loin. Bisous ma belle.

Daffycat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL.

Very glad to see you back here though! Your latest finishes are wonderful!

Nancy M said...

Sorry to hear of your SIL, the Drs. should of told you her prognosis. It's not fair that he didn't have a chance to see her. Your stitching looks great and the kids were cute in their costumes!

vEr0n!c@ said...

There you are! Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear about your SiL. The doctors really should have told you what's going on :(

Love your poppy! The pink is so sweet. I'm definitely not surprised to hear you didn't stitch the green :P Your WiP looks great too.

Lesleyanne said...

Glad to see your back blogging again. I'm sorry to hear about your SIL. Your finishes and WIP's look great as do the children in their halloween costumes.

Pumpkin said...

Good to see you posting again Chiloe but I'm VERY sad to hear about your SIL :o( I can't believe that the doctors didn't tell you what she had either. I would have been very mad >:o(

Gorgeous finish! And I love your Somebunny too :o)

Your MB is beautiful and I agree, I would just stitch the top as well.

The kids look SO cute!

Sally said...

It is wonderful to see you blogging again. I know I see you on Facebook but you have been missed on Blogger.

So sorry about your SIL. I just don't get the doctors. That is a terrible thing to do.

Your poppy is gorgeous! Lovely progress on your other pieces too.

I love the photos of your kids. So cute!

Lori-Ann said...

My goodness you've been through a lot. Sometimes a break from blogging is needed, but glad you are back.

Nice looking stitches. I always laugh at you for neglecting the greens.

Sorry for you loss, my condolences to all of you. Agreed... the doctor was wrong not to tell of the health reason.

The kids look very cute.

Wendy said...

I so sorry to here about your sister in law.

I do know about the time, a week goes by before you know it, it´s so weird sometimes.

your stitching looks lovely, and so do the kids in their haloween costumes !

Blu said...

Good to see you back.

So sorry to hear about your SIL. I can't believe the doctors just didn't tell you!

The poppy looks great and your new WIP is very pretty.

Carolyn NC said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL - thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Your children look adorable! And the stitching looks fantastic!

Brigitte said...

Sorry to read about the big loss for your family. That the doctors didn't say anything can not be excused. My condolences to you and your husband.
But it's good to see you back in the blogging world and see your finishes and WIPs. I love your new MB WIP, it looks great.

Ginnie said...

Good to see you back blogging. Great stitching, loving the Somebunny Christmas one. x

Aussie Stitcher said...

I am glad to see you posting again. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, it must have been very disappointing that the doctors didn't disclose their diagnosis. Your stitching looks wonderful, I love the pink flower.

Aurore said...

trop mimi les déguisements!
bon retour sur la blogo!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes, and your new start is going to be gorgeous. Cute costumes the kiddos wore.

Merline said...

J'ai fait le Lanarte avec la mésange pour ma maman. Il rend super bien une fois fini.