Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Thanks everybody for your nice comments about what happened yesterday. I still feel disapointed about the whole ordeal...

I have a problem with my memory card reader so I can't download my pictures tonight ... I have to admit I went back to the bulletin board for help; someone told me it could be the plug and play system that has a problem. I have step by step instructions to follow. Debi: you really made me laugh !!!

Here is my lastest progress !!! I still have a lot of white to stitch !!!

Have you seen Silkweaver has a new grab bags offer? I wonder if lucky Carol is going to grab one? I decided to give it a try .... We'll see if I'm lucky !!!


Smartphone said...

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Beatrice said...

I had a look at your stash the Lanarte charts are all wonderful.
The snow family is coming along very nicely... I love the presents,and the children with the tree. Well that will be a lot of stitching..enjoy.

Marita said...

Great progress on your snow family.

Hope you get a grab bag.

sugardoll said...

That is starting to come together very very nicely. The fabric for this is perfect. I can almost feel the chill.

I did grab a grab bag. hehe. It's my first time to buy one, i have always missed it in the past. I'm glad I signed up for the newsletter.

becca said...

Chiloe, sorry to read about what Chuy's niece has done. I will also pray that the mail reaches you quickly.

Your snowfamily is looking great. How is stitching all that white? Is it like stitching green? LOL
Hope to see some pictures of your kids soon.

Sally said...

Your snow family is looking wonderful Chiloe.

I am so sorry to hear what Chuy's niece did. That is not a nice thing to do at all.{{{{hugs}}}}

Itching To Stitch said...

Your Snow Family is looking wonderful. Sorry to read in your last post about the girl not mailing your packages. Hopefully it won't take 2 months to get them. Isn't it amazing how disappointing people can be sometimes?