Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I thought I would have finished her left arm in order to show you something a little more exciting but all theses color changes take forever So the backstitches are not done but you can see some pink: it's going to be her bow. I also took time to snap a picture of Christmas stories and angel kisses next to each other.

I also took a picture of my three fabrics I got the other day: You can't really tell but the stronger yellow is actually more like olive oil. That's what come to my mind when I look at it I don't imagine stitching anything on it ... I got the fabric on sale but still, I buy fabric to stitch something on it ... Talking about fabric, I sent an email to Silkweaver and she sent me my bill so now, I just have to wait and see if I'm luckier with my FOTM ... Do you know if everybody gets the same fabrics? I mean: if you sign up for a program, do we all get the same fabrics for that program? I chose: silkweaver special program. I'm asking that in case someone sign up for the same program as me so I can have a sneak peak of the fabrics they got I know curiosity is bad Can't help it ...

I also scanned the charms I got on my favorite discount store last week:

I signed up this morning for a christmas exchange on Blue's bulletin board. I'll have to prepare 25 small gifts (one has to be stitched) so we can open one little gift each day before christmas !!! Should be a lot of fun !!! I'm already thinking about what I can get


Dawn said...

Angel Kisses is beautiful!! The charms are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Angel Kisses is really looking pretty now. Such delicate colours. You know, that yellow (even olive oil coloured) isn't so bad. Maybe one of the mirabillia ladies would look good on it?

Carla said...

La tela amarilla tal vez puedas usarla en algún diseño de un sólo color.
Lamento no poder ayudarte en cuanto a tu pregunta de los clubs de Silkweaver....pero mi intuición me dice que probablemente todas las que estan en el mismo club que tu reciban las mismas telas

stitcherw said...

She is looking so pretty. I can see the progress each time you post. The fabric is pretty. Not sure what I'd stitch on the greenish one, but a lot of times you'll see a pattern and then the color fabric will just click. Maybe something with a Halloween theme? Cute charms too, you got some fun new stash.

Heidi said...

Wow she's biiger than she looks, thanks for the comaprison. Love your little trinkets. Sorry about the olive oil colored fabric.

Anonymous said...

tes deux ouvrages sont superbes ! j'aime beaucoup le modèle avec le Père Noël, tu me donnes envie de faire le mien !
pour les toiles silkweaver, en effet, toutes celles qui prennent la même rubrique reçoivent les mêmes toiles (une amie avait choisi cette même option, elle s'est désabonnée il y a peu, et elle recevait les mêmes toiles que moi). Donc, si je me souviens bien, tu as choisi deux coupons d'étamine 18 x 26, nous aurons donc les mêmes toi et moi :-))