Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More details

First, I'm going to do a direct link following the advice of little grey cat. Let's see if it works!!! Yesterday, thanks to the comment she posted on my blog I discovered Niamh's blog (very nice blog). Let me know if it works!

Santa has more details on his face. I did some backstitch for the nose, ear and mouth. I also did some backstitch for his glasses but I haven't used yet the metallic thread. So I think I stitched about 50 % of the design. It goes very fast right as I'm stitching the fun part of it: Santa and the girl. I'm afraid to slow down or to get bored when I'll have to stitcht the background: full the mixed colors and half point. Fortunately, the background is only a very small part. I'm sometimes afraid it will end up as an UFO even though I tend to finish what I stitch now. (before I used to give up when the stitching was getting boring : background full of trees, clouds, etc...

Being that advanced in my Christmas Stories, I'm already thinking about my next project. I'm still thinking about my angels kisses by Dimensions for Lourdes, my sister in law. That will be an opportunity to stitch on my fisrt silkweaver fabric (a solo) . Pretty exciting indeed. Talking about Silkweaver, I may sign up for their Fabric of the month program. I'm thinking about two 18X24 evenweave fabrics for $23. With the Euro being that high, it's very interesting for europeans right now.

I am still looking for spanish links in order to buy some spanish books or DVD for Emma and Esteban. They don't seem to have amazon over there and my internet research lead to nothing. Thanks for helping if you can.

We haven't started potty training yet but whan I tell Esteban: "do you want to go on the potty?" I get a firm "NO!" I feel we are going to have a lot of fun when we'll start ...


Agnès said...

Bravoooo ! ça avance joliment bien, félicitations ! nul doute qu'il devrait être terminé pour Noël ;o)

ANGIE said...

Es muy bonito como está quedando tu cuadro de Papá Noel, ya te falta poco!.
Tu me pediste el calendario Azteca en mi blog.Yo lo conseguí de una revista Labores, te lo busco porque lo tengo, si me escribes a mi mail te doy los gráficos.
Espero me escribas.

Carla said...

Aqui te pongo un link a la parte de libros en español de Amazon... tal vez puedas encontrar algun libro apropiado para tus pequeños :)
Muy buen avance en tu proyecto :)

Anonymous said...

Your links work fine :o)

Your stitching is coming on great and I wont let you give up on the background. I will keep nagging at you until you finish it lol.